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Motor kits

Universal platform 3D printed motor kits.

  • Permanent magnet electric motor kit Adams/Bedini/Magnetic Reed switch type
    Permanent Magnet Motor Kit (Adams/ Bedini/Magnetic Reed)
    3D printed permanent magnet motor kit. Comes assembled and tested - only two parts need to be re-fastened out of the box.  Contains all the parts necessary to make a permanent magnet motor/generator. Uses a magnetic...

All prices are in US dollars


  • Electronics  3D printer electronic parts such as power supplies, heated beds, RAMPS boards / Arduino boards, NEMA 17 stepper motors, etc.
  • Magnets and ferrofluid  Ferrofluid demonstator kits, bulk ferrofluid and magnets. 
  • Motor kits  Permanent magnet motor kit
  • 3D printer kits TubularBot 3D printer kit and accessories
  • Meters and Measuring  Electromagnetic meters and other measuring equipment
  • Hardware  3D printer hardare, such as bearings, timing pulleys and belts, metric nuts and bolts, etc.
  • Fiber optics  Fiber optic gyroscope kits ( Sagnac interferometer ), fiber optic cables and couplers, adapters and other parts
  • Optics  Lens, mirrors, beamsplitters, laser position sensors ( quadrant detector ), optical mounts and optical tables
  • Plastic bottles  assorted sizes, including Nalgene leakproof storage bottles, and small dropper bottles