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Laser Position Sensor - Quadrant Detector Kit

SKY-QD100 kit
1.13 LBS
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Product Description

 Position Sensing Quadrant Detector kit with Data Acquisition and Power Supply

The SKY-QD100 detector is a 4 quadrant position sensing detector for precise path alignment of light in the 400 to 1100 nm range. The device is capable of measuring beams with a spot size smaller than 7.8 mm, which is the diameter of the quadrant photodiode array. Recommended beam diameter is 1 - 3.9 mm.  The device comes with AC adapter power supply and a data acquisition system with a resolution of up to 13 bit (+/-10V). The data acquisition system works with free software available from Dataq, and can collect data in real time from the X, Y and SUM outputs, as well as having one additional +/- 10V data channel to monitor any accessory equipment. Data can be exported into Excel spreadsheets for further data processing. 


1 SKY-QD100 Quadrant photodetector module with AC adapter power supply included.

 1 Dataq DI-145 or DI-1100 data logger

All necessary RCA and USB cables 

runs on Windaq or Windaq lite data logging software, available for free by download here. SKY-QD100 spec sheet available here.

Please contact us for current lead time on this product (custom made). 



Electrical Specification


Physical Specification


Wavelength Range


Sensor Size

Ø7.8 mm

Peak Responsivity

0.4 A/W @ 633 nm

0.64 A/W @ 900 nm


3.0″ H x 2.0″W x 1.4″D

(76.2 x 50.8 x 35.6mm)

Max. Photocurrent


Gap between quadrants

18 um or 42um

Output Voltage Range

Up to +/- 7.5V

Clear Aperture

Ø0.50″ (Ø12.7 mm)


>25 KHz

Mounting Thread

#8-32 x 0.25″ min depth

Recommended Spot Size

<3.9mm dia.

Adapter cable length

6ft (182 cm)

Supply Voltage


Output Connectors

RCA female

AC Adapter (included)

110-120V, 50-60Hz

Power switch


Operating Temperature

10-40 deg. C


3.7 oz. (106 g)


In most common applications where the intention is to measure the movement of a laser beam over time in the X-Y plane, the quadrant detector is first mounted on an optical table with the laser and the beam centered on the middle of the four quadrants of the detector. This gives a maximum sum value corresponding to the total energy of the beam, and if perfectly centered, the X and Y outputs will be balanced to zero. As the beam moves in either the X or Y direction, a voltage will appear on one or both of the X and Y outputs which is a fraction of the SUM voltage output. If the beam moves right or up, the voltage on X and Y increases positively, if left or down they increase negatively.

The SKY-QD100 is designed for use with  low power lasers up to  a few mW output depending on the wavelength. For best results the beam intensity should be set for a SUM output as close to the maximum as possible (<7.5VDC), with attenuation if required.  The SKY-QD100 is designed to be coupled with a data acquisition unit, such as the Dataq DI-145, which has a maximum resolution of 13 bits over +/- 10V range.Below shows 4 channels of data being collected using the Dataq DI-145 and Windaq Lite software.



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