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 TubularBot 3D Printer Kit Documentation:

3D printer specification sheet is available here - [ Specification sheet ]

 TubularBot 3D printer kit build instruction manual with links to our step by step assembly videos:

[ Instruction and Assembly Manual ]


Links to TubularBot 3D printer assembly video series: 

1) TubularBot 3D printer X- Axis assembly video  

2) TubularBot 3D printer X-carriage assembly video  

3) TubularBot 3D printer Y-frame assembly video

4) TubularBot 3D printer Y-Bed assembly video

5) TubularBot 3D printer Z-motor assembly video

6) TubularBot 3D printer  final frame assembly video 

7) TubularBot 3D printer Greg's extruder assembly video

8) E3Dv5 Assembly Manual

9) TubularBot 3D printer hotend and extruder mounting video 

10) TubularBot 3D printer heated bed video 

11) TubularBot 3D printer electronics video


Other useful links:

Free download of Arduino software  


 What's new at Skyhunt: 3D printed optical parts!

Shown below is a 3D printed Michelson interferometer. Optical mounts were made on a TubularBot 3D printer using ABS plastic.

Photo courtesy of Doug Marett

Skyhunt Scientific

photo courtesy of Doug Marett

Skyhunt Scientific

All prices are in US dollars


  • Electronics  3D printer electronic parts such as power supplies, heated beds, RAMPS boards / Arduino boards, NEMA 17 stepper motors, etc.
  • Magnets and ferrofluid  Ferrofluid demonstator kits, bulk ferrofluid and magnets. 
  • Motor kits  Permanent magnet motor kit
  • 3D printer kits TubularBot 3D printer kit and accessories
  • Meters and Measuring  Electromagnetic meters and other measuring equipment
  • Hardware  3D printer hardare, such as bearings, timing pulleys and belts, metric nuts and bolts, etc.
  • Fiber optics  Fiber optic gyroscope kits ( Sagnac interferometer ), fiber optic cables and couplers, adapters and other parts
  • Optics  Lens, mirrors, beamsplitters, laser position sensors ( quadrant detector ), optical mounts and optical tables
  • Plastic bottles  assorted sizes, including Nalgene leakproof storage bottles, and small dropper bottles