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Custom fiber optic kit

7.00 LBS
$130.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


1 pieces 2X2 coupler 50:50 FC-PC connectors                       $49.95

1.3um Fabry Perot Laser diode FU-17SLD 0.5mW FC/PC           $69

SMF-28 ultra 1000m FC-PC, white 900 um tight buffer            $389

1 piece PIN photodiode FC/PC connectorized                         $84.00

2 pieces FC-PC adapters female to female 2 x $5.95               $11.90

small laser case with bias resistor and RCA connector             free

1 piece fiber optic polarization paddle with mount and screws  free

instruction booklet                                                           free

subtotal:                                                                        $603.85

Xpresspost int. shipping                                                    $130.00  (added at checkout)

Total:                                                                            $733.85

Lead time is ~ 1 week

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